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ORTHOPHOS SL delivers sharper-than-ever 3D imaging. From incredibly sharp 2D panoramic images to full 3D volume flexibility, and more secure patient positioning for the perfect image. Paired with SIDEXIS 4, it offers you even more options for your practice, allowing you to be more efficient than ever before. The ORTHOPHOS SL minimizes waiting times, avoids the need for corrections, and guarantees perfect results.

We are able to approach special cases, such as impacted teeth, with ease. Interactive SL allows you to define an image area of your choice even after imaging, so you can focus on lingual/buccal objects - without corrective re-imaging.

Experience the future of panoramic imaging with the Direct Conversion Sensor (DCS )*. The revolutionary DCS sensor converts X-rays directly into electrical signals without the conventional intermediate step of conversion into light. Thus, signal loss is minimized, resulting in images with unparalleled definition and better image quality with the lowest dose.

Sharp Layer Technology allows you to generate several thousand images during a single rotation. The fragments with the best focus are automatically combined to form one X-ray image with incomparable sharpness. High resolution images of the entire jaw - every time.


GALILEOS Implant software offers color visualization of the nerve canal and the depiction of the bones in all dimensions, the implant can be ideally adapted to fit the patient’s anatomy. This ensures high a level of integration through precise planning and implementation.

Implantation is not only safer, thanks to directly visible surgical conditions, but also minimally invasive. What's more, our patients understand the 3D visualization more easily.


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