Center for Invisalign, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry


“One thing that I promise all my patients is that once I’m done with their treatment, they will have the most amazing smile. I pay attention to details and make sure every single patient doesn’t leave my office until they feel their smile is complete perfection. I want to give every patient the smile they have dreamed of, something they didn’t think could be possible for them.”  -DR. BAUER

We take your dental treatment experience to ‘The Next Level of Care’. Our objective is to bring your mouth to ideal health and aesthetics in a relaxed feeling that many say ‘does not feel like a dental office’. Large windows throughout the office allow you to view a picturesque scene above the creek and the abundant trees and vegetation that further calm our patients. It is our belief that with our patients being relaxed our objectives of ideal dental health can be better achieved. Combined with our calming atmosphere is truly the latest technologies available in dentistry today. Also, with your absolute safety in mind, our facility has been remodeled throughout with Bamboo floors. Solid flooring creates the safest situation for allergic people and for sterility. Every dental material and dental laboratory used in our practice is meticulously researched for biocompatability and quality. Utilizing nationally recognized product guides and researchers, we are constantly updating the products we use to deliver state of the art and safe materials for our patients. This has always been our commitment to our patients. 




- Cleanings 

-Periodontal Therapy

- Oral Cancer Screening

- Extractions

- Sealants

- Fillings   


- Crowns 

- Bridges

- Root Canal Therapy

- Cosmetic Dentures

- Implants 

-Implant Dentures



- Veneers 

- ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

- Full Porcelain Crowns

- Cosmetic Fillings 



Creekside Dental Care
121 W Branch St
Arroyo Grande, CA 

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